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Whitney Stohr

Consultant | Advocate | Educator


Meet Whitney

Whitney Stohr, MS, JD/LLM, is a writer, speaker, philanthropist, and community leader, working at the intersection of environmentalism, education, children's issues, and equity and inclusion. She is President and Founder of Kids Rise Fund, a nonprofit organization that seeks to strengthen communities and support diverse kids and families by promoting inclusion, encouraging friendships, and addressing barriers to individual success.

As a community-based educator and homecare medical provider, Whitney regularly consults with academic and healthcare institutions, state and national agencies, and charitable organizations to offer insight and inform public policy, programs, and services benefiting a wide range of children, families, and the larger community, both locally and nationally.

With degrees in both law and ecology, Whitney is a passionate environmentalist, with a deep interest in conservation policy and public environmental education. Her interests center around nature-based, outdoor education; comprehensive environmental education programming, curriculum, and policy development; and whole community-focused educational programs in conservation.

While maintaining a "home base" in the Puget Sound, she spends much of her time traveling the country with her husband and sons. Whitney is a wellness coach focused on supporting moms, medical caregivers, and caregiving families. She enjoys spending time with her own family, homeschooling her boys, exploring new cities, and visiting local breweries and coffeeshops.

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Commentary on topics ranging from lifestyle and family travel, parenting, caregiving and inclusion, healthcare and self-care, environmental issues and conservation policy, politics and grassroots organizing.

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Feedback and recommendations on public and private services, programs and policies impacting families, parents and family caregivers, children with disabilities and complex medical needs, and our communities as a whole.

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Political involvement through direct advocacy and activism to improve systems and advance policies that better serve children, youth and families in our communities and the environments in which we all live.

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