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Easter Delivery by Fire Truck.

Our family lives in the best community!

It is seriously an amazing little town. We love it here.

And it is totally the small-town vibe that makes it special. It's so quaint, and people do things that reinforce that feeling of community.

This past weekend, our city held a community Easter egg hunt at a local park a few blocks from our home. It was huge! Some 25,000 eggs stuffed over a period of two weeks and gone in minutes as kids tore through the park.

We had planned to attend. There was a division for ages 0 to 3 that my younger son was going to try out for fun. And my older son -- my six-year-old wheelchair-user -- would participate in a new adaptive division.

The week before the event, I had reached out to the organizers and asked if there would be a separate accessible area for kids with mobility aids to participate in the egg hunt. They leaned into the request and had cordoned off an area with my son in mind.

Unfortunately, two days before the event, my son suffered a serious broken femur that landed him in the hospital with a need for surgical repair. We did not make it home in time and were unable to join in the fun.

No matter...

The event organizer reached out to plan a special delivery!

This afternoon, members of the DuPont, Wash., fire department rolled up in their big rigs to hand-deliver a special Easter basket.

My son is a pretty shy kid and takes some time to warm up to new experiences. Often, he will appear quiet and removed from the situation when it is happening, only to spend the rest of his afternoon going wild with excitement.

And if that isn't exactly what happened!!

The kid was so stinkin' excited!!

And also --


HUGE thank you to Amy Walker, from DuPont Parks & Recreation, for organizing the whole egg hunt and thinking of my little guy even beyond the date of the planned event. And of course, to the DuPont Fire Department for doing what firefighters do when they're not heroically running into burning buildings -- drive around in their shiny red rigs all awesome like to make the kids smile.


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