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Happy Birthday, You Non-Edible Cake, You.

My son's SIXTH birthday is next week. I can hardly believe it. SIX years old!

(I know that's what all the parents are supposed to say. Like, HOLY SHIT! How can you possibly be six already?! Where have the years gone? Time is flying. God damnit, time; slow down!

But seriously, how can he be six already?! Where have the years gone? Time really is flying, and god damnit, slow it down, please!)

This year, we are hosting his first big birthday party.

You know, the kind that includes more than just your awesome mom and dad???

We rented out a local farm for a couple of hours and are throwing a "Wranglers and Ranch Hands" themed party. It's a cowpoke theme -- because gender neutral themes are important. Girls want to wear boots and bandanas, too!

Yes, I do realize it is January.

Yes, the party will be outdoors. There is a covered event area, but still, it will definitely be outdoors. (But really, that is the only reason we felt comfortable hosting a party with friends. We want to have fun, of course, and we also want to avoid exposure to the respiratory viral hell that is the world this time of year. We have babies to keep safe, and we know our friends do as well.)

So.... it's going to be fun! There will be animals to feed and activities to do.

It will also be cold.

Cold and possibly wet.

Probably. Probably wet.

Whatever. I noted on the invite that we are the "rain or shine" type of party animals in these parts. Dress accordingly, my rootin' tootin, cattle-wranglin' amigos!

(We have a great group of friends who have already RSVP'ed, but I totally understand if the weather of the day reduces the number of attendees. Even if it ends up just being our family, we're going to have a great time. There are goats and alpacas on this farm! How could we not have a great time?!)

The party is officially one week from the time that I am sitting here writing this post. And I just finished making my son's birthday cake! WAIT! You are planning to bring a week-old birthday cake to your son's party? Why yes, yes, I am.

Here's why.


My son is a member of the tubie crowd.

He is unable to eat food by mouth and has this amazing medical device, called a gastrostomy tube (aka "G-tube") in his stomach. (No joke; it's amazing, but that's not the point here.) He eats an extremely controlled diet that 100% does not include big mouths of frosted birthday cake.

He never seems to care much when we attend events and everyone else is eating. Maybe it bothers me more than him? To see that he is not included.... I don't know. What I do know is that, at his party, his birthday cake is going to be a cake that he, too, can enjoy. And so can any other tubie -- or non-tubie, mouth-eating cowpuncher in attendance.

It will be a cake for all.

One for the masses.

A cake for the whole cowhand crew.

Long story, short -- I made a non-edible cake with a cowpoke-ish theme.


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