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Professional RV-ing & a Trip to the Seattle RV Show.

OFFICIAL NEWS -- After three years of clocking an absurd number of RV miles in THREE different RVs, my husband and I have officially risen beyond our amateur status to the level of seasoned road-traveling professionals.

Never did we ever set out in the beginning to become experts in family travel via RV.

Never did we ever anticipate the degree of travel we would undertake within just a few short years.

When we purchased our first family motorhome in 2021, we assumed it would primarily serve the function of weekend camping trips and maybe a prolonged summer of adventuring to campsites within a reasonable distance from our home.

But quite quickly, we found, my husband's work life and my own tendency toward intrepid wandering led us in another direction.

Over the last three years, we have spent 1/3 to 1/2 of our time living in an RV -- first with our older, medically-complex child, whose needs provided a steep learning curve in what it means to provide medical care on the road to adventure; and now, with our younger son, as well, who joined our family in 2023, leading us to learn even more about the ins-and-outs of childcare while traveling.

We began our journeys in 2021 with no knowledge of RV life. We knew nothing of set-up, maintenance, or care. We were not aware there was even such a thing as a "seasonal rating." To us, a camper was a camper.

We learned quickly.

Mostly due to the fact that we were out on the road, at a campsite, and the learning was very much forced upon us.

And it has been wonderful!

The freedom to set out RV-adventuring has been an extraordinary gift to our family.


In February 2024, we solidified our upgraded status from amateur RV-ers to travel professionals when we attended the Seattle RV Show.

It was our first time at a show.

We had no idea what to expect when we entered the huge Lumen Field Event Center in downtown Seattle. We were, however, glad to have come prepared, having done our research on various manufacturers and new models.

We knew what we needed, and certainly, what we wanted.

After four hours of climbing in and out of RV after RV and long conversations with a number of dealers from around the area, we finally settled on a dealer and manufacturer that we thought held a lot of promise. They did not have the exact model we were hoping to find at the show, but we were able to secure a "show price" (sale discount) that could be transferred to any other RV on their lot.

We left the show pretty satisfied that we were on the right path.

At home, later that evening, we jumped online to scope out additional models available for sale on the dealer's lot.

We spent just 30 minutes cruising around the lot the following day before finding "the one." We knew it the second we saw her. She was perfect!

We are excited to welcome to the family our new "second home-on-wheels" -- a KZ-RV 2023 Durango Gold.


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